Infographic: MSPs top 3 opportunities

Cloud, security and compliance are three huge opportunities for Managed Services Providers (MSPs). Why? Because they represent a big challenge for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) – MSP’s main customers.

  1. We are living in the era of the cloud. Moving to the cloud has many advantages for a company in terms of productivity and flexibility. The hurdle you will definitely face is uncertainty from your clients.
  2. It becomes increasingly difficult for SMBs to address their security needs in-house. Comprehensive security management is a must-have to make sure your clients’ systems and data are protected not only from malicious actions, but also from human error.
  3. The regulations that apply to the largest Fortune 500 enterprises also apply to the smallest SMBs. This is particularly challenging for small businesses with limited resources. That’s where MSPs come in.
Infographic: MSPs top 3 opportunities UserLock FileAudit Become a partner IS Decisions

1. IS Decisions 2019 Cloud Research - commissioned research with 300 heads of security within SMBs in the UK, US and France
4. MSP 2019 Benchmark Survey Results - A survey with 800 MSP firms of all sizes spread across over 40 countries

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