Small and Medium Business

for Cloud Data Storage

SMBs are
fully appreciating
the benefits of Data
Storage Services

90% of SMBs say
it improves

85% say employees
love getting
“access from anywhere”

say it’s
saved money

But some continue to view
cloud storage
with fear and

61% believe
data is unsafe
in the cloud

50% believe it makes
compliance harder

60% believe
it’s painful to migrate
their data to the cloud

51% worry
about data

It seems the security implications aren’t
enough to halt adoption of the cloud...

...And those that don’t are ultimately
shooting themselves
in the productivity foot.

But What Is Causing SMBs to still Worry

Let’s unpick these perceptions of cloud storage security
from those that have moved to the cloud.

Cause 1

Detecting unauthorized access is harder

31% of SMBs say
it's been
harder to detect unauthorized access

Cause 2

Data theft from outgoing employees is harder to stop

27% say it’s been harder
to stop employees
from stealing sensitive files before they leave

Cause 3

Keeping track of data across both on-premise
and cloud storage is challenging

56% say that it’s difficult
managing the security
of data living in hybrid infrastructures

Cause 4

Businesses are still suffering breaches

29% have suffered
a breach of
files and folders stored in the cloud

These Perceptions are Driving (bad) security Decisions

So what are SMBs doing about it?
Well, not much apparently.

Cloud Security Inertia

Most SMBs believe that cloud storage is insecure and that they have to put up with it to benefit
from better productivity and flexibility.

48% monitor access on an ad-hoc basis
or not at all

They are prone to missing an attack
or finding out too late!

42% monitor access manually every day

An incredibly time-consuming
and complex thing to do, and
of course, subject to human error!

21% keep their most sensitive data
off the cloud

But when 47% deem incorrectly their
client’s data to be “not sensitive”,
we have a problem!

There clearly needs to be a stronger & more efficient way to ensure that data in the cloud Remains safe!

This is Where FileAudit comes in

67% of SMBs do
want alerts for
unauthorized or suspicious
access to sensitive data
stored in the cloud

FileAudit makes it easy
to protect access to data across both
On-premises & Cloud Storage

  • Track, audit and report on all access and usage of files and folders.
  • Alert teams to suspicious file activity the moment it occurs.
  • Create automated response on specific alerts to act on potential threats before any damage is done.

Secure all access to your cloud files - at all times.

Try FileAudit now

All statistics are from the Under a Cloud of Suspicion Report