File Monitoring Software Update. Much more than a file access log.

We are pleased to announce the release of an update to our file monitoring software solution – FileAudit. With a simple agentless deployment, FileAudit enables IT professionals to proactively monitor access to company-sensitive files and folders stored on Windows systems in real time.

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IT professionals can set up real-time alerts to predetermined events, such as file deletions, denied access or suspicious user activity, which automatically trigger an email to selected recipients.

The alerts enable IT managers to see what’s happening with the organization’s data and quickly identify suspicious access — significantly reducing the risk of internal threats.

Non-IT executives, external auditors and other company-approved professionals can also perform audits easily, securely and autonomously.

This latest update brings FileAudit up to version 4.5, and is focused on adding a new auditing capability and to provide even more help on optimizing the audit that can help IT make better decisions.

  • Audit file attribute changes so IT managers can see exactly who changes what. A change to the file attributes can potentially impact the access restrictions on the file
  • Support the usage of wildcard characters to exclude files from audits, giving IT managers more flexibility when deciding what to monitor
  • Offer predefined time settings for report schedules, such as previous month, current week, yesterday, today, and more
  • Display issues when performing audits including problems with the database and emails through a new tile called Warnings
  • Check and validate audit settings on subfolders and inheritance when registering a path
  • Filter on domain which is now a criterion within the File Access Viewer, alerts and scheduled reports

Monitor File Attributes Changed

File attributes determine which central access rules apply to the file. Detecting modifications to file attributes such as Read only, Hidden, System, Directory, Archive, Non Content Indexed etc… allows an administrator to investigate further the purpose of these changes. This can include users changing file timestamps – for example, the date and time of the file creation or the last access displayed on file Properties.

File Auditing Performance

Further audit optimization is provided when configuring the audit, with the option to validate all required audit parameters and their inheritance. More irrelevant data can now be excluded from the audit with the supported usage of wildcard characters to exclude certain files and folders.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, FileAudit 4.5 continues improving its user experience. New predefined time periods relative to ‘today’, allow you to run or schedule reports more easily, a new filter on domain criterion allows more focus when monitoring and auditing access activity and the supported usage of wildcard characters offers more flexibility when deciding what to monitor.

Lastly, an important criterion for any file auditing software is to ensure the continuity of this audit. FileAudit 4.5 now helps administrators detect any issues it encounters when performing its audit monitoring. The tile ‘Warnings’ on the FileAudit hub opens to display information on issues such as email fails, connections to the audited server, database size, database connections…

Further information about FileAudit version 4.5 can be found here. You can download a free trial or upgrade your current version here. We hope you like the changes and as always don’t hesitate to send us your feedback.

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If you are interested in an extended trial for review, please just let us know and we will set you up with the software and a trial key.

Discover More about our File Monitoring Software

If you want to discover and learn more about FileAudit, then take a look at these short 3-4 minute video tutorials. It guides you from installation and basic settings to more advanced features such as scheduling reports, multi-criteria filtering, the exclusion of irrelevant access events and the delegation of auditing to non-IT users.


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