FileAudit reviewed and recognized as a leading cyber security software

IS Decisions has much to celebrate after our proactive auditing and monitoring software, FileAudit, won two awards under the top cyber security software of the FinancesOnline software review platform.

FinancesOnline, a platform for business software reviews, conferred FileAudit with the 2018 Rising Star and 2018 Great User Experience awards in recognition of its highly positive customer reception and innovative design. Newcomers and long-established solutions normally undergo a stringent review process from their team of software experts. The same was applied when FinancesOnline reviewed our software, with their experts inspecting our FileAudit pricing, main functionalities, and various elements essential to file access tracking and adherence to regulatory compliance.

After earning a recommendation as one of the top cyber security alternatives, scoring a perfect 100% user satisfaction rating, and being distinguished with the prestigious Rising Star award, FileAudit is considered as one of the most dependable and highly recommended file auditing solutions in the market. FinancesOnline’s review team also vouched for our software’s capabilities, stating “With FileAudit, tracking files and folders in real time, pulling out access history, and performing an audit trail are all a breeze.”

IS Decisions also celebrates the Great User Experience award, granted to software solutions that provide a consistent, high quality user experience, Installed in less than 3 mintues, this affirms FileAudit as a powerful and  intuitive tool for the modern user.

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FinancesOnline also divulged exactly how businesses can greatly benefit from the software. One of the biggest advantages in using FileAudit is its simplicity in accessing and monitoring all files across an organizations Windows servers. With all activities for each file tracked on the platform alongside automated email alerts, users are able to view and react to changes across all documents in real-time. This is especially helpful for reducing the risk of data breaches and helping meet compliance requirements.

Other benefits provided by FileAudit include “complete and precise” multi-criteria reporting across all files and folders, centralized auditing, long-term archiving and powerful filtering capabilities.

We would like to thank FinancesOnline for taking the time to review FileAudit. You can leave a user review on FinancesOnline to share your experiences with FileAudit.



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Chris Bunn is the Directeur Général Adjoint of IS Decisions, a global cybersecurity software company, specializing in access management and multi-factor authentication for Microsoft Active Directory environments and the cloud.