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How FileAudit and UserLock help you address GDPR

For Windows Active Directory domains, FileAudit and UserLock can help you bolster access security – helping you on your way to GDPR compliance.

  • Prove that you’ve taken technical measures to improve security
  • Prevent unauthorised access to data
  • Detect a breach so that you can notify the authorities quickly, mitigating any fines
  • Keep a clear audit trail of network, file and folder activity to prove compliance
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How FileAudit helps you address GDPR
Monitor access to all personal data

The GDPR states that unauthorised data access includes accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, or unauthorised disclosure of personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed.

With FileAudit an organization can:

Identify inappropriate access (and access attempts)

Detect and send alerts on mass access, copying, deletion or moving of files

Indicate where the user has accessed the file from

Help minimise the risk from access at unusual or unexpected times

Centralize and archive all file access events

FileAudit helps prove to regulators you are protecting personal data effectively by comprehensively monitoring all access activity to data found on files, folders and file shares. Organizations can give precise answers to questions about improper access, alteration or the destruction of personal data.

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« FileAudit satisfies the need for an audit trail very easily. Simple reports bring it all together for me and alerts show auditors that we can control access into the most sensitive folders. »

Paul Rickerby
IT Manager at Cleaver Fulton Rankin

How UserLock helps you address GDPR
Compliance starts with securing all logins

The goal of the GDPR is to protect data from unauthorized access.
The logon is therefore the first line of defense against unauthorized access.

With UserLock, an organization can:

Ensure access to the network is attributed to a user

Prevent unauthorized access from compromised logins

Eradicate careless user behavior

Flag suspicious access events in real time

Audit all access events centrally

The logon is a compelling point at which to both monitor GDPR compliance, as well as to stop potentially inappropriate access (read: compliance breach) from ever happening. UserLock extends logon security to ensure that anyone connecting to your system (and accessing data) is actually who he/she claims to be.

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« Reporting is easily good enough to satisfy GDPR compliance and external auditors. From the main console, you have facilities for generating reports on any or all session types for select time periods, users and groups. »

Dave Mitchell
Binary Testing

Two such software solutions
to address GDPR


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