Monitor File Access on Windows Servers the easy way

So you want to audit and monitor file access (and access attempts) across your Windows Server? Your absolutely right, It’s an efficient way for an organization to protect their sensitive data and enforce compliance to industry regulations. This post outlines how FileAudit can provide organizations with this insight.

Reviewed by PCMag as “an easy yet robust tool for auditing files and folders that reside on Windows systems, run audit reports without the help of IT, and even send alerts about audited events”, FileAudit ensures data security and SOX, FISMA and HIPAA compliance. In addition it supports Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.


A Sleek, Fast and Innovative Interface

Monitor File Access with the FileAudit4 Dashboard

A sleek, fast and innovative interface makes securing the files in your Windows environment easy. Quickly installed with a simple agentless deployment allows FileAudit to protect all file servers without intrusion or the need for deployment on individual servers.

With it’s intuitive Windows 8-sytle interface, it’s easy to select the files and folders to be audited, customize alert settings and schedule reports. FileAudit is already used by hundreds of security-conscious organizations across the world, and is the easiest way to monitor who did what, when and from where. Think of FileAudit as the security cam for all your Windows file Servers.

Monitor File Access in Real-Time

FileAudit 4 Access viewer

FileAudit provides comprehensive, sortable and real-time information across your organization and significantly reduces the workload involved when having to monitor file access. It constantly examines and records read/write/delete accesses (or access attempts), file ownership changes and permission modifications, so IT or management can immediately address any inappropriate accesses.

Alerts to potential security breaches

FileAudit 4 Alerts for predetermined access events

Real-time alerts to predetermined events such as a file deletion, a denied access or monitoring a suspicious user, automatically triggers an email to selected recipients, enabling a quick reaction when necessary.

Colleagues across your organization can also receive on email, customized reports according to their specific criteria.

In fact is so easy and intuitive, even non-IT executives (and external auditors) can use FileAudit securely and autonomously, without breaching security protocols.

FileAudit 4 ease of use and user specific rights management

In this way, monitoring can be delegated to non-IT colleagues who hold a better understanding of files and folders across their business line, to ensure a more efficient and effective auditing system.

Mass Access and Alteration Event Alerts

mass access alerts file auditing

FileAudit can also now send administrator alerts when mass access, copying, deletion or movement of bulk files has been detected, indicating a potential breach.

Customized File Server Intelligence

FileAudit 4 Statistics on all file access events on Windows systems

With it’s customizable graphical statistics, all users can see at a glance access events and attempts happening across multiple Windows servers.

The recording and long-term archiving of all file access events occurring on one or several Windows systems generates an always-available, searchable and secure audit trail.

Easy to use, it’s just as easy to configure.

Install in less than 3 minutes, just select the files you intend to audit and your up and running.


A Free Fully Functional 30 Day FileAudit Trial

Don’t take our word for it, Download now the fully functional Free trial and see for yourself how easily FileAudit can bring a new level of security to your Windows File Servers!

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