Detect and alert on Windows File changes

industrial engineer react quickly to potential data leaks

Industrial engineers figure out how to do things better. They engineer processes and systems that improve quality and productivity. They work to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, energy and other commodities.

In such a highly competitive field, any sensitive data needs to be well protected from potential data breaches.

Industrial engineers reacting quickly to potential data leaks

In the case of a specialized consulting group for mechanical industrial engineering, this means preventing potential data leaks from the sensitive files which are distributed amongst 15 branches and involve 200 employees.

Specifically, alerts are configured to specific single types of access (such as a file deletion or a denied access) and to detect mass file copies or deletions.

Alerts are made in real-time in order to react quickly in the event of potential data leakage. This is especially pertinent when an employee leaves one of the 15 branches of the firm.

Changes to sensitive data across Windows File Servers

detect alert windows file changes

To get to this point, the group researched different software that monitored Windows file changes. The firm chose FileAudit as the software to test, for both its perceived effectiveness and simple administration.

To start, a first branch of the consulting group ran the software across its Windows network to validate performance. The result confirmed that the configured alerts to defined suspicious access events did prove to increase the reactivity of the firms administrators to suspicious access events.

A second step saw the acquisition and implementation of FileAudit within the 14 other branches to monitor a total set of 10 million files. The software was installed within each branch and configured to allow remote management from the group’s headquarters.

Real-time monitoring and alerts on file changes

detect alert Windows file changes

The real time monitoring of all sensitive data is now provided by FileAudit for the entire network. Alerts are configured as needed by the group and allow their IT head office to be notified in real time on mass copies or deletions.

The full auditing of all access events allows a precise investigation to any particular event. If such access is likely to translate to data leakage, the IT team can provide a rapid response to contain the problem and identify the source.

With the implementation of FileAudit, the group replaced an internal solution with a solution that offered real-time responsiveness and easier administration. Today the access alerts play a leading role in helping detect potential data leaks for the group. The easy implementation and administration meant very little time was needed to either set up or maintain the software. The data generated and stored in the database has allowed easier and simpler analysis of file access events under investigation.

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