File Auditing
for Cloud Storage
(Beta release)

FileAudit can now extend file auditing to data stored on major cloud platforms. Quickly get key insights into the access to and usage of data stored across both cloud and on-premises environments.

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Beta Testers wanted for OneDrive, Google Drive,
Dropbox for Business and Box

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A single solution for hybrid environments

Audit access to your data from a single administration console, wherever that data is stored.

Extending Security to the Cloud

More and more companies use cloud storage to share documents between collaborators all around the world. Unfortunately, these files have been out of reach for FileAudit and this forces our customers to rely either on the cloud storage provider light auditing or on another third party solution. This is neither efficient nor cost effective.

The desire to keep critical data secure means organizations need to protect files from improper access, potential theft, alteration or destruction. This requires constant visibility and detailed insights into who has access, who is using access and what actions are being taken upon the data.

Since data, these days, no longer resides just in the confines of on-premises file servers, this visibility into the access to and usage of files has to extend to cloud-based storage applications. Cloud applications offer improved productivity for users, but it must not and cannot compromise security.

Enhance Data Security across both cloud and on-premises environments

In a single, easy-to-use interface FileAudit offers:

Real-time and historical audit trail

of who accessed (or attempted to access) critical files, what they did, when they did it, and from where. More

Alerts for IT and security teams

on actions deemed abnormal to help quickly identify inappropriate file activity and potential abuse. More

Comprehensive and centralized reporting

to give precise answers to questions about malicious access, alteration or the destruction of sensitive files. Robust filtering capabilities help quickly answer the questions. More

Participate to our Beta testing program !

Need to audit access to data
on OneDrive, Google Drive,
DropBox for Business or Box?

To participate in the FileAudit beta testing program is very simple.

Download FileAudit (Beta Version)

All documents, resources and personalized technical support will be provided during the test. We look forward to hearing from you and your valuable feedback.