Centralized File Auditing, Recording& Long Term Archiving

FileAudit consolidates access events from multiple Windows File Servers and Cloud Storage Providers and automatically records them into a fully-documented, searchable Microsoft Access or SQL Server database for future reference.

Years of data can be archived with no effect on performance, providing a secure audit trail that is always available.

Record File Access and keep tabs on ‘Who accessed what files’

By auditing all accesses to a file, if there are any security issues, a report can be run to see who’s accessed a file or folder and management can quickly address it with that individual.

Comprehensive File Access Records for Compliance

Should the organization require file access records for compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, GLBA or other regulations, FileAudit provides centralization, recording and long term archiving of all file access events. Organizations can then generate comprehensive reports for such regulatory compliance.

Centralized Audit Logs helps Secure Data across the whole Organization

Centralized audit logs ensure an organization can review, report and be alerted on activities from the entire enterprise and not just a single server.

With the ability to monitor and audit access across the enterprise, you can gain precise answers to questions such as “What files did John Smith access last week?”


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Release Date : 12/17/2019
Version : FileAudit 6.1
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