Active Directory Remote Access

Remote desktop

It’s hard to imagine Windows Active Directory management without Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Without it, remote server and PC administration – configuring PCs, applying updates, managing domain controllers, or creating and configuring user accounts – would become an almost unimaginable hassle to anyone who started work over the last three decades.

RDP lets the admin do anything they would be able to do if they were sitting with the machine in front of them. As you can imagine, this is why RDP can be incredibly risky and vulnerable to abuse by a bad actor.

Unfortunately, RDP is so helpful that it ends up not only overused, but badly used. Admins forget the danger. Exposed RDP clients are set up and forgotten about, or are set with joke passwords. No wonder Cybercriminals love RDP! They’re always out there looking for the bright red door marked “unsecured RDP.”

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