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IS Decisions receives the label France Cybersecurity for UserLock

The enterprise security software UserLock recieves the quality label France Cybersecurity following an independent review and evaluation.

Published November 4, 2015
IS Decisions receives the label France Cybersecurity for UserLock

Following a general review of the French government’s cybersecurity plan, IS Decisions was one of 18 companies awarded quality labels as a further assurance to users that their systems are effectively protected from cyber threats.

A quality label for French cybersecurity solutions

France Cybersecurity is a national association where industry professionals, end users and government experts have teamed up to create a quality label for French cybersecurity products and services. For the award of the label, these governors rely on the reviews and evaluation from an independent jury of experts.

Improving end-user protection

The label itself is a priority of the French government’s cybersecurity plan. It offers the guarantee that these labeled solutions are recognized by the wider market, to encourage their deployment within organizations which ultimately will improve end-user protection. It also acts as a mark of quality for companies developing security offerings and who want to market them for export.

Further assurance for UserLock clients

François Amigorena, President of IS Decisions, collected the award personally in Paris on October 16th, 2015, when Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister presented the National Strategy for Digital Security.

Delighted with the award, François Amigorena stated that it was confirmation of the quality and credibility of the enterprise security solution UserLock. As IS Decisions sells 93% of its solutions outside France, the quality stamp is an acknowledgment that will be welcomed by all users and potential buyers worldwide.

UserLock and cybersecurity for Windows Active Directory

UserLock mitigates the risks of security breaches that stem from unauthorized network access, and helps organizations respond instantly to emergency situations. It helps protect organizations from both external attacks and internal security breaches before it ends up costing capital, customers and/or reputation.

More than 1.4 million licenses are currently used by organizations worldwide. Customers include some of the most security sensitive organizations and companies from the most regulated industries including Barclays, US Department of Justice, the United Nations, BAE Systems, and Teleperformance.

If you’d like more information about how UserLock can help your organization, please do get in touch.

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