Secure Active Directory Users’ Accounts

Users are most of the time the weakest link in your organization. But you need to stop blaming them. It’s your job to secure the organization from unwanted access. You need to protect them from their own careless behavior and mitigate against any malicious activity.

In order to do that, you need to make sure that whoever is trying to connect to the network is exactly who they say they are. Whenever an unusual behavior is detected, you need to be able to react immediately to avoid damages as much as possible.

The below infographic gives you 5 tips to better protect your Active Directory users’ accounts. By implementing those steps, you make sure authenticated users are who they say they are and unauthorized access is stopped before any damage is done.


Active Directory Users’ Accounts Safety Tips

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Chris Bunn is the Directeur Général Adjoint of IS Decisions, a global cybersecurity software company, specializing in access management and multi-factor authentication for Microsoft Active Directory environments and the cloud.

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