More protection against the Insider Threat with UserLock 8

Since the release of UserLock 7 eleven months ago, UserLock has helped equip more organizations with the means to prevent, detect and respond to the risk of the insider threat.

We are now delighted to announce the release of UserLock 8 Beta Version. Click here to participate in the Beta testing program!  

insider threat protection with userlock

Considering that there were an estimated 600,000 internal breaches of security in the US alone, organizations are recognizing the need to be more proactive in beating the threat from within, from both a technological and cultural standpoint. By providing the necessary access control, restrictions and real-time monitoring that cannot be achieved in native Windows functionality, UserLock 7 has helped more and more enterprises protect their sensitive information and avoid security breaches from internal users.

  • Learn how Camden City Schools District eliminates concurrent logins, student login sharing and tracks inappropriate student network usage with UserLock. 
  • Learn how Bank of Cyprus enhanced internal users’ network security with UserLock, minimizing the risk to critical Bank assets from inside the organization.
  • Learn how for a Government State Department, UserLock offered “an effective network access management tool that is very simple to manage and easy to understand. It has helped simplify IT’s work by reducing between 70 to 90% the time spent monitoring and auditing network access of all users.” 
  • Learn how the new Wi-Fi session control capability has enabled IT professionals to mitigate the risk of data security breaches that accompany today’s growing BYOD trend. 

During this time we have of course, worked on developing version 8 which will be released this coming autumn. Let’s share with you some new additions that come with this future version.

Strengthening the detection of internal security breaches

IT security departments need to secure user access to their internal network and ensure inappropriate access to company data is no longer a possibility. UserLock answers these needs by defining and enforcing a customized user access policy that cannot be achieved in native Windows functionality. In addition to this fine grained access control on what authenticated users can do, UserLock provides visibility into what users are doing and offers the ability to react to suspicious, disruptive or unusual logon connections.

UserLock 8 will help strengthen this detection and prevention of internal security breaches – whether they stem from ignorant or malicious employees. A new status will be available in the ‘User Session View’ that indicates the risk according to each user behavior when accessing network resources. This evolving status will allow administrators to be warned in real time about suspicious or abnormal activities. For example; a large number of concurrent sessions, users with many denied logons, user accounts not subject to safety rules, etc…

Any organization is only as secure as their users’ behavior

User behavior is one of the biggest security problems that enterprises face on a regular basis. Involved and informed employees act as an important line of defense in mitigating insider threats.

CERT Insider Threat Best Practices 

The point may seem obvious but it’s often over looked – especially in any technology solution.

UserLock 8 will continue to raise internal security awareness through its notification system. A new option will alert users in real-time when their credentials are used – successfully or not – to connect to the network from another location. Users will be able to assess the situation and inform their IT department who can react immediately. Any change in password can be made swiftly if credentials have been compromised.

More customization in managing a user access policy

UserLock 8 will also bring more flexibility in the definition of an organizations user access policy. Temporary rules will be introduced to manage employee holidays and new active session rules will allow the management of a unique active session, locking all existing sessions without forcing them to logoff.

Delegation will also be improved with an advanced definition of operator’s rights. This advancement helps continue the delegation of certain tasks, diminishing IT’s workload, whilst protecting more critical UserLock settings.

Remote Session Administration from any device

The UserLock web interface allows IT to manage network access security remotely. Unlike the typical complicated solutions designed for IT users, we spend considerable effort and energy on incorporating innovative and simple UX to help meet the expectations of today’s more consumer driven tech users. A redesign will help facilitate the administration of UserLock from any device: mobile, tablet or computer.

We hope you enjoy this quick look at what’s coming next for UserLock. 

Join us now to participate in the UserLock 8 Beta Testing Program 


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Chris Bunn is the Directeur Général Adjoint of IS Decisions, a global cybersecurity software company, specializing in access management and multi-factor authentication for Microsoft Active Directory environments and the cloud.