How to improve school network security?

School Network Security at Camden City School District

IT teams responsible for network security in schools, colleges and universities are experiencing more and more pressure to secure their networks from both external and insider threats.


With approximately 15,000 students attending over 30 different schools, the Camden City School District IT team were keen to improve network security amid an increasing number of students sharing user logins. With the same user signed in to multiple computers it was extremely difficult to track down students who were abusing the school’s internet usage policies or sending inappropriate emails. There was no way to ascertain who to reprimand as so many students were using the same login.

Camden City School District searched for a solution that would allow the them to eradicate login sharing and gain the ability to track workstation usage.

Offering access control and visibility of student behavior online

After an online search led to UserLock, the district conducted a trial study and quickly determined the solution was easy to use and met all their access control requirements.

“UserLock was very cost effective and supported Windows XP and Windows 7. The deployment was extremely simple and the bottom line was that it worked exactly how we needed it to.”

Patrick McGlinchey – Technology Systems Specialist

In less than a week, the team was able to deploy UserLock to all PCs across each of the schools. With UserLock’s automatic installation option, each PC was instantly enrolled the next time it was online. The IT Team easily configured the solution according to the district’s policy, which permits only one login per student and two concurrent logins per teacher.

Login control and monitoring capabilities helped improve school network security

Through UserLock’s login control and monitoring capabilities for their Windows network, Camden City School District has been able to completely eliminate login sharing and respond to inappropriate internet and email usage.

“We no longer have 30 students logged in with the same username at once. We’ve not only eliminated concurrent logins but now also have the ability to accurately track down and discipline individuals who are out of compliance with our internet and email policies.” Patrick McGlinchey

To trial UserLock yourself, download the fully functional trial version here.

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Chris Bunn is the Directeur Général Adjoint of IS Decisions, a global cybersecurity software company, specializing in access management and multi-factor authentication for Microsoft Active Directory environments and the cloud.