Techni Team appointed exclusive distributor of UserLock MFA for the Netherlands

MFA for Remote Desktop Gateway and RDP Connections

A next step in their ambition to make a difference in IT-Security for Dutch SMEs

Full-service ICT-supplier Techni Team ICT BV (Veenendaal, NL) and IS Decisions SA (Bidart, France) have entered into a partnership agreement for the distribution and support of Userlock Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the Netherlands. Techni Team will implement this Access Management solution at its current customers and offer this solution to other small-and-medium size businesses (SME’s) and their IT providers. The partnership is an important step for IS Decisions, an innovative player in the global IT-Security market, to expand its footprint in the Dutch market for Cybersecurity solutions.

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With this move, Techni Team is taking steps to realize their ambition of offering a complete set of Cybersecurity solutions to Dutch SMEs and their supporting IT suppliers. The collaboration with IS Decisions is a significant step in the improvement of IT defenses. SMEs and their IT service providers can purchase IS Decisions’ MFA solution from Techni Team as a standalone MFA solution or as part of a broader package of Cyber Security solutions, such as IT-Security Assessment, Data auditing, EPDRs, and Cyber Security Awareness Training.

With this announcement, IS Decisions confirms its status as an emerging, global provider of Access Management. Their MFA solution includes; Identity Verification, Monitoring, Reporting, Alerting, and Pattern Recognition Protection. IS Decisions has a strong position in this field in France and the US, and is currently in the process of expanding its reach around the world, including Japan and China.

“The collaboration with Techni Team is a good example of need-driven distribution with an innovative and creative approach. The collaboration will undoubtedly contribute to the further expansion of our footprint in the European market.”


Chris Bunn, COO at IS Decisions.

The collaboration between Techni Team and IS Decisions aims to provide an accelerated response to growing concerns about the security of some systems used by Dutch SMEs. With this unique collaboration, “state-of-the-art” solutions are affordable and accessible to all SMEs. And due to this collaboration, Techni Team is able to offer this solution with an attractive business model for ICT suppliers. Already some of the Techni Team customers’ systems have been equipped with Userlock MFA and a further rollout is planned for the coming quarters.

“Userlock MFA from IS Decisions is a huge step forward in protecting our systems and those of our future customers. Through the unique collaboration on both a commercial and technical level with IS Decisions, we bring maximum protection to SMEs, at affordable costs.”


Edwin van Vulpen, CEO of Techni Team.

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About Techni Team

Techni Team has been active for more than 15 years as an ICT service provider in primary care and SMEs. Techni Team has developed a data center in the Netherlands for its customers, which offers an optimal guarantee for safety, convenience, and reliability. Techni Team aims to unburden its customers, such as general practitioners, pharmacies, and SMEs in the field of safe workplaces, internet connections, telephony, and cybersecurity services.

About IS Decisions

Since 2000, IS Decisions has worked to develop security software that can bolster your defense against unauthorized and unwanted access. IS Decisions combines the powerful security today’s business world mandates with the innovative simplicity an IT administrator expects. IS Decisions supports more than 3000 customers in 144 countries. IS Decisions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and holds the Label ‘France CyberSecurity’. From its inception, IS Decisions has closely engaged with end-users and channel partners to help them improve their software solutions.


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Chris Bunn is the Directeur Général Adjoint of IS Decisions, a global cybersecurity software company, specializing in access management and multi-factor authentication for Microsoft Active Directory environments and the cloud.