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If you missed us at InfoSecurity London, and with over 300 exhibitors and over 13,000 visitors that is perhaps possible…. here’s your chance for you to get to know us. The following is a short interview from Global Security Magazine.

Can you introduce to us your business

IS Decisions is a global IT security vendor that helps organizations to safeguard and manage Microsoft Windows Active Directory infrastructure, reducing the risk of security breaches and non-compliance.

What is your flagship product or service for 2016/17?

UserLock and FileAudit are our two flagship products in 2016/17. Together, these tools help organizations to mitigate against the unauthorized access of networks and data that stem from both internal and external attacks. Crucially, both UserLock and FileAudit offer simplicity alongside effective security. Easy to deploy and administer, the non-disruptive technology neither frustrates IT teams nor impedes end-users to maintain the right balance between user security and employee productivity.

What are the strengths of your offer?

Unlike many other IT security vendors, we offer tools that do not impede end users. For example, with the authorization of authenticated users, our tools use context-aware factors to ensure the person who’s logging in is who they say they are — like time of login, device, location and IP address. As a result, the software doesn’t need to bombard users with frequent time-consuming and productivity-harming authentication requests.

How do you support your customers?

We have a Technical Support Team dedicated to providing customers with any required assistance during product installation, configuration and usage. We offer the first 12 months of support and maintenance with software products, which not only enables customers to receive technical support, but also provides them with all major software upgrades and minor releases at no additional cost throughout the period.

How is your sales network organized?

Our sales network is a mix of direct sales and close channel partners. As we see demand for our products grow rapidly we believe that the best way to sustain this level of growth is by working with industry partners.

How is your support organized?

We provide support via a multilingual technical team that serves the whole world from here in France. Specific partners also address support issues in geographies that prove too hard to serve quickly, for example because of time zones, or languages are not best served from our multilingual team, for example Brazil.

To conclude what would be your message to your customers?

Consider the total cost of ownership of any IT security solution you buy. Some security software will be cheaper than others, which may seem attractive, but you need to consider the amount of time your IT administrators are spending on setting up and managing systems, while how much time end users are set back by IT security.

IS Decisions research has found that on average, employees lose 15.27 minutes every week due to complex IT security. That figure equates to 138 days for an organisation with 250 employees. Imagine what you could do with that lost productivity if you got it back.

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François Amigorena

François Amigorena is the founder and CEO of IS Decisions, a global software company specializing in access management and MFA for Microsoft Windows and Active Directory environments. After a career spanning IBM and a subsidiary of la Société Générale, Francois became an entrepreneur in 1989 and has never looked back.

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