How Strong is Your SMB Security Strategy?

How Strong is Your SMB Security Strategy?

SMBs today are under attack from malware, ransomware, external threats and data breaches. But, with the lack of sophistication around most SMBs security stances, the prospect of remaining unaffected by attacks is bleak. So, SMB’s and MSPs servicing them need a security strategy with maximum impact, but with a minimal investment in time and budget.

So, how can the SMB get big business protection with little guy effort?

MSPs and IT pro’s from SMBs, joined us on Tuesday, May 22nd for the educational webcast No Easy Feat: The Challenge of Securing the SMB, hosted by cybersecurity expert Nick Cavalancia, and Kate Fleming from IS Decisions. In this interactive webcast, they discussed:

  • Why the SMB is an easy target
  • Just how effective is security in the SMB
  • Developing a SMB-friendly Security Strategy

Watch here the full webcast. 

Read our post webinar whitepaper on how SMBs can get the big business protection in terms of focus and effectiveness, but with SMB sensibilities in terms of implementation and use.

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François Amigorena

François Amigorena is the founder and CEO of IS Decisions, a global software company specializing in access management and MFA for Microsoft Windows and Active Directory environments. After a career spanning IBM and a subsidiary of la Société Générale, Francois became an entrepreneur in 1989 and has never looked back.