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RemoteExec Pricing

  • Prices are for perpetual licenses.
  • Prices charged are for the exact number of required licenses.
RE-U20Unit price for 20 to 49 systems15.64€$21.89
RE-U50Unit price for 50 to 99 systems12.87€$18.02
RE-U100Unit price for 100 to 199 systems10.59€$14.83
RE-U200Unit price for 200 to 499 systems8.72€$12.20
RE-U500Unit price for 500 to 999 systems7.17€$10.04
RE-U1000Unit price for 1000 to 1999 systems5.91€$8.27
RE-U2000Unit price for 2000 to 4999 systemsContact us
RE-U5000Unit price for 5000 to 9999 systemsContact us
 More than 10000 systemsContact us
  • RemoteExec's licensing scheme is per system to remotely manage.
  • RemoteExec will not manage systems exceeding the license count.
  • Pricing includes maintenance (minor and major releases and technical support) for the first year.
  • Prices are indicated NET OF TAX.