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The Insider Threat Security Manifesto Beating the threat from within

Who is more concerned about insider threats?

Comparing the two geographical areas we looked at, it seems that IT professionals in the UK are more concerned about internal security risks than their US counterparts. We found that 21% in the UK listed insider threats in their top three concerns, but only 17.5% in the US.

It also tends to fit, in both the US and the UK, that the larger the organisation, the more of a concern it is, with 52% of IT managers in organisations of 501 – 10,000 employees. This drops slightly to 50% for those above 10,000, potentially as these larger organisations have stronger internal security policies.

This is a natural trend of course, as the more employees your organisation has the greater the statistical likelihood is that you may have some that are unhappy, and the harder it is to manage issues such as password sharing.


Implement a 360-degree security policy that addresses both internal and external threats, and be transparent about what risks your policy is mitigating

Percentage of IT professionals listing ‘insider Threats’ in their top three security concerns

  • < 250 employees 20.9%
  • 250 - 500 employees 41.4%
  • 501 - 10,000 employees 52.9%
  • > 10,000 employees 50.0%