Healthcare: Data access compliance

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A Guide to US and UK healthcare user security compliance

User security in healthcare is complex, and it’s for this reason that regulations like HIPAA are in place, as guidelines for the safeguarding of patient data. But meeting this regulatory requirements is not simple in itself, and isn’t by any means a guarantee of safety for your organisation.

This guide looks at the requirements of HIPAA, and the key NHS security guidelines in the UK, with regards to internal security. Check if you’re compliant with our Healthcare User Security Checklist.

And using research among healthcare workers in the UK and US, this guide highlights the areas in which organisations could be doing better. The aim is to help you run not only a compliant healthcare organisation, but an all-round more secure organisation.

Research report

The report follows a narrative of a user’s employment from what happens when they start employment, through the granular details of network access on to changing roles or leaving an organization.

  • Executive summary

    A brief introduction to the main regulation sets in the US and UK and how healthcare organizations are complying with these regulations to protect patient data.

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  • On-boarding new employees

    Steps taken with new staff.

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  • Security training, awareness and procedure

    People related processes to protect access to electronic protected health information.

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  • Network access

    Technology’s place to minimize the risks from employees and decrease the surface area vulnerable to attack.

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  • Data access and necessity

    Levels of access control needed to maintain confidentiality of data records whilst ensuring prompt access to ensure proper delivery of care.

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  • Moving jobs or roles

    Requirements to address access when employees move role or leave an organization.

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