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Simplify MFA & session management with the UserLock Web App

The UserLock Web App allows IT teams to quickly monitor, respond to, and report on MFA and network session activity.

Published May 13, 2023
UserLock web app

The UserLock Web App allows IT teams to easily and quickly monitor, respond to, and report on MFA and network session activity, from anywhere.

Available in all versions since UserLock 11.2, the UserLock Web App complements your existing UserLock software with:

  • An easy-to-use, visual interface that puts key network session monitoring controls at IT’s fingertips.

  • Accessible, simplified daily management that opens up UserLock access to IT teams wherever they work, streamlining day-to-day management.

  • Enhanced features that offer early access to enhanced and new UserLock capabilities that are on the roadmap but not yet available in the UserLock desktop version.

How the UserLock Web App improves visibility and reporting

With the UserLock Web App, IT teams get the simplicity they've come to expect of UserLock, but it's even easier to use and comes with new and improved features.

Improve monitoring & visibility

  • Get an instant overview of all users, sessions, machines, and workstations on the main dashboard.

    • View and manage machines, users, and server properties at a glance.

    • Review all key events, sessions, and activity for each user on the new user dashboard.

    • Monitor and react to active sessions, connected users, and machines, with the ability to filter by session status, machine, server, or user.

Streamline MFA management

  • Customize parameters for MFA.

  • View MFA configuration methods per user.

  • Respond to MFA help requests.

Increase reporting capabilities

  • Drill down quickly and easily into granular reports on logon events, MFA events, and denied logons.

  • Access real-time reporting on administrator actions in UserLock.

Give feedback within the app

  • Give feedback or send feature requests directly from within the app.

Experience the new UserLock

Here at IS Decisions, part of our commitment to continual improvement means actively listening to our clients.

The UserLock Web App is just the first step towards a redesigned UserLock console interface. We’ll continue to update you on how we’re taking your feedback and going even further to provide intuitive, seamless MFA and access management from anywhere.

Try the UserLock Web App

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