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Limit logins and control access across all Windows network sessions

Learn how to limit logins and control user access by session type, by user, user group, or organization unit.

Published Jun 19, 2013

If you want to limit logins and control user access across a Windows Server Active Directory domain, then native Windows controls neither prohibit concurrent logins nor provide workable access management, monitoring and intelligence.

With UserLock, all organizations can secure network access across all session types, including Wi-Fi and VPN.

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Control Wi-Fi sessions for secure BYOD environments

The new Wi-Fi session control capability mitigates the increasing BYOD risk and further strengthens the first line of defense in your Windows Network, the user login.

By monitoring all connections, UserLock enables IT to immediately respond to any suspicious behavior, whether it originates on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Login restrictions protect unauthorized access

Protecting corporate data from insider threat is one of the greatest risks an organization faces. Despite the increased education, authorized users continue to share login details, log on from places or during times not permitted or access the network from unauthorized personal devices.

To help mitigate insider threats and prevent password sharing UserLock allows you to set and enforce granular login restrictions that are line with your organization policies.

Such a customized access policy can restrict and limit logins by session type (including Wi-Fi) and by user, by user group or by organizational unit.

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Increased enterprise value

Empowering IT to monitor, record and automatically block all inappropriate or suspicious sessions, UserLock takes security controls far beyond native Windows functionality.

  • A fully documented open API is available to facilitate the integration of UserLock with other enterprise solutions. Overall IT security management can be improved by utilizing access data in other platforms (e.g., SIEM software or HR management applications).

  • PowerShell integration affords administrators the option to manage UserLock with PowerShell, Microsoft’s task automation framework. Working within PowerShell, administrators can expedite UserLock tasks such as automated workstation shutdown or the creation of workstation specific accounts.

  • An intuitive GUI features tabbed navigation and at-a-glance analytics. Several options allow an organization to deploy and use UserLock quickly. This includes personalized commands which can be defined and launched directly from the UserLock console to target one or many machines.

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