UserLock 6.0: new features and enhancements

UserLock 6.0 is a major update and comes with important additional features and enhancements that significantly improve the protection of corporate Windows networks against insider threat.

Time quotas

UserLock 6.0 allows defining and enforcing daily, weekly and monthly connection time quotas. This can be done per user, user group and Organizational Unit and session type.

The consumed time status can be checked by the network administrator in UserLock’s console and the time remaining is automatically displayed at login to the concerned users.

Time quotas configuration

Protection of Internet Information Services (IIS) sessions

UserLock 6.0 allows defining and enforcing the number of maximum concurrent IIS sessions for a specific IIS application like Outlook Web Access or an Intranet site.

Limit concurrent IIS sessions

Tighter integration with Active Directory

Every UserLock 6.0 restriction can be applied per user, user group, or Organizational Unit and the Active Directory tree can be directly displayed in the UserLock console.

Browse by Organizational Unit

Additional reports

UserLock 6.0 comes with three new reports for RAS/VPN sessions (history, statistics and a graphical report displaying the evolution of RAS/VPN sessions number). A fourth new graphical report also displays the evolution of the total opened sessions over a given period of time.

Session count evolution report

Sessions with local accounts

Local sessions are now audited and displayed in UserLock 6.0 console and can be remotely logged off.


UserLock 6.0 overall performance has been greatly improved (especially in very large environments). Synchronization with UserLock Backup server and with Active Directory is now more efficient.

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UserLock is a unique software solution that limits concurrent logins, restricts access, monitors, alerts and reports on session activity throughout the corporate Windows network.

More than 1,000,000 UserLock licenses are in use by hundreds of security-demanding organizations worldwide, including: BAE Systems, Banco de Costa Rica, Banco Santander, Barclays Bank, BMW, Computer Sciences Corporation, Frito-Lay, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi, National Bank of Kuwait, South Wales Police, Telcel, United Nations Organization, US Department of Justice, US Department of Veterans Affairs, US Navy Marine Corps, TimeWarner, etc.

UserLock has been awarded “Best of the Year 2010” (Networking Software Category) by PC Mag.

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