Optimize the use of free access computers

Limit simultaneous sessions

On a Windows network it is very easy for a student to use his/her user account (ID and password) to open several sessions, e.g.: 1 session for his work and another to download.

UserLock compels users to systematically close down their session as and when they leave the workstation; as until they have done this, they cannot open another session elsewhere.

By stopping students from using several workstations, UserLock reduces the free access computer occupancy rate.

Remote disconnection

If a student leaves his session open or locked, the workstation is unavailable to all other students willing to login with their own account.

To free up resources, UserLock allows the network administrator to remotely disconnect sessions from the central console or from any online computer.

Statistics for free access computer rooms

UserLock’s reports display precisely how the computer rooms are used; the high and low activity peaks, the occupancy rate, etc…

Thus, the educational organization’s IT team can verify that open hours are satisfactory, that there are enough workstations. UserLock will give them the ability to determine the optimal distribution of the workload throughout the building(s), and take any necessary action.

Locating available workstations

UserLock features a customizable Web Intranet Page, accessible to all network users, that displays in real time all unoccupied workstations (e.g.: by building and by room).


This function improves students comfort by enabling them to easily and rapidly locate an available workstation, and therefore optimizes the global occupancy rate.

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