Software that’sIntuitive & Easy to use

Inappropriate access to the file system can put an organization at risk of data loss, security breach or non-compliance.

FileAudit is an enterprise security software solution that makes monitoring, auditing and securing access to files and folders intuitive and easy.

Software with a Modern & Intuitive User Interface

FileAudit was designed with usability in mind for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Opening FileAudit reveals a modern and intuitive interface that makes it easy to select files and folders to be monitored and audited, customize alert settings and schedule reports.

With a touch-ready user interface comprised of ‘live tiles’ which link to the solution’s features and update in real time, FileAudit offers a simple more user-friendly way to safeguard and secure file access within an organization.

FileAudit makes the often dreary task of data auditing easy yet effective. The solution is more polished, user-friendly way to keep tabs on auditing over simply using Windows’ Event Viewer.

As stated in PCMag’s four-star, Editor’s Choice Review (March 2013)

FileAudit makes it easy to see what’s happening with organization’s data. This significantly reduces the risk of internal threats and quickly identifies any inappropriate access that needs to be reviewed and remediated.

Agent-less, Remote and Non-Intrusive Software

With a simple, agent-less deployment, IT Managers can quickly install FileAudit and instantly secure access to all File Servers in their Windows environment without intrusion or the need for deployment on individual servers. Users can be up and running with FileAudit, monitoring, archiving and reporting on file access in less than three minutes.

This new agentless technology is based on a Windows Service installed on the FileAudit host. There is no mandatory requirement to install FileAudit on the system that is to be audited. Any machine meeting the requirements can be used as a remote host for FileAudit. The server that is then remotely audited requires no further installation.

It significantly reduces the workload related to monitoring access to sensitive data, allows you to respond instantly to emergency situations and offers a comprehensive, centralized and searchable audit trail.


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Release Date : 12/17/2019
Version : FileAudit 6.1
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