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Data layout

  1. The File Access Viewer data grid offers several grouping and filtering options. To group the view by a specific column, drag and drop the column name below the 'Path(s)' field.

  2. You can use filters and search options directly from the event grid through the context menu displayed by right-clicking the column name line. This menu allows personalization of the data grid display (manage column display, sort, etc.) and is where the ‘Filter Editor’, ‘Find Panel’ and ‘Auto Filter Rows’ options can be enabled/disabled:

  3. A quick-search feature is also available on every column name. When you roll over a column name with the mouse pointer, you will see a funnel icon in the top right-hand corner of the column name row. Click on this to access the quick-search option:

    Take note that the grouping and filtering options from the event grid affect only the data displayed. To perform a search of the entire events database, use the filters from the magnifying glass button.

  4. The status bar indicates which filters are enabled for the current view in the layout

    Status bar - Filter
  5. You can reset the Data layout to default settings by click on the 'Reset Layout' button from the 'File Access Viewer' context menu (right click on the view):