File & Folder
Access Auditing

FileAudit is designed to make folder and file access auditing faster, smarter and more efficient.

FileAudit provides comprehensive and accurate reporting to give precise answers to questions about improper access, alteration or the destruction of files, folders or file shares. It offers both real-time and historical details of who accessed (or attempted to access) a file, what they did, when they did it, and from where.

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File & Folder Access Auditing Interactive at-a-glance access reports

Centralize and archive all file access events occurring on one or several Windows systems and across one or several Cloud Storage Providers to generate an always available, searchable and secure audit trail.

The auditing of all file system access events is also mandatory for adhering to compliance regulations such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and IS0 27001.

File access auditing: Viewing real time data

Ensure security to Windows File Systems and Cloud Storage in real-time with interactive at-a-glance access reports of everything that’s happening with audited data.

Customizable graphical statistics show details on folder and file access over any given date/time range, including breakdowns of access status (granted/denied) and type of access, top 5 accessed files, top 5 users and top 5 sources.

According to PC Mag, who reviewed FileAudit as ‘excellent’, the handiest feature is these statistics.

The new interface of FileAudit offers a view of everything that’s happening with audited data including the access type, percentage of deletes, writes and any other attempts to change or tamper with file and folder permissions.

FileAudit is reviewed as "excellent" by PC Mag

Samara Lynn Lead Analyst - PC Mag

File access auditing: Scheduled reporting for access history

Customized reports according to multiple criteria (e.g. path, file type, access type, IP source address, machine name, etc.) can be provided for specified recipients for auditing and regulatory compliance.

The customization includes:

Files and Folders
Date/time range
Access types
Users & groups
IP address / Machine Name / Process

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Access Tracking
by IP Address & Machine Name

By identifying the name and IP address of the machine from which the file/folder access has been performed, FileAudit can indicate exactly where the user has accessed the file from. This helps strengthen user identification and accountability by identifying potentially suspicious activities such as if the user accessed the file from a different workstation than normal.

Note when the access is performed directly on the file server hosting the file/folder accessed (local access), FileAudit displays the name of the process from which the user has accessed the file.

A list of every access made from a specific IP address or specific machine, and thus a specific machine, can be made using FileAudit’s filtering capabilities.

It’s also possible to define an IP address or machine name as a selected criteria to trigger specific access alerts of for a scheduled report.

Recent access history
of any specific file/folder or user

At-a-glance reports on all recent access history by user or by file/folder.
Quickly get key insights into the access to and usage of audited data.

Audit file access IP address machine name

Access to and the usage
of protected data

Data stored on premises and in the cloud contain critical information that requires protection. FileAudit provides actionable information about all access made to folders, files and file shares.

If there are any security issues within an organization, FileAudit can run reports to see who’s accessed a file or folder and management can quickly address it with that individual.

Colleagues across an organization can receive on email, customized reports according to their specific criteria helping those that have a better understanding of certain files and folders become accountable for monitoring and auditing sensitive data access.

Company executives outside of IT – and external auditors - can also take advantage of FileAudit features and ease-of-use to perform audits and controls autonomously without breaching security protocols.

More on delegation to non-IT executives

Configuring and managing file and folder auditing in Windows Server is painful and inflexible. FileAudit represents a management layer that simplifies multi-server object auditing and reporting.

Timothy Warner
Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP


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Release Date : 12/17/2019
Version : FileAudit 6.1
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