Delegation to Non-IT Auditors

Because FileAudit is so easy and intuitive, even non-IT executives (and external auditors) can use FileAudit securely and autonomously without breaching security protocols.

User-specific Rights Management

FileAudit delegation

FileAudit allows the creation of specific accounts for people without administrative rights.

Define which FileAudit features you want to make available to them.

Connect Remotely to the Auditing Service

FileAudit remote audit service

Allowing a remote connection to the FileAudit auditing service avoids having to give direct access to the system where FileAudit is installed.

A custom installation of FileAudit can be performed on the machines of non-IT auditors by only selecting the console component. Once done they can then connect remotely to the auditing service by just pressing the ‘connect’ button.

FileAudit video tutorial

Delegate file auditing tutorial

Specific accounts can be created for people without administrative rights allowing external auditors or non-IT users to perform audits securely and autonomously.

How to delegate file and folder auditing

External auditors or company executives outside of IT can take advantage of FileAudit features and ease-of-use to perform audits and controls autonomously without breaching security protocols. Should a CPA or other auditor need to evaluate a company’s internal controls and reporting, they can find all file access-related data without time-consuming meetings and requests for the IT department.

In this way, monitoring can be delegated to non-IT colleagues who hold a better understanding of files and folders across their business line, to ensure a more efficient and effective auditing system.


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Release Date : 12/17/2019
Version : FileAudit 6.1
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