LSF compliance

The French financial security law (LSF), imposes a wide spanned and very pragmatic use of internal controls to improve transparency for shareholders. The LSF renders the President responsible of an annual report on internal controls implemented in the company.

LSF conformity is composed of three steps:

  • Implementing controls
  • Surveillance
  • Reporting

IS Decisions proposes a range of software solutions that will make way for LSF conformity:

Step IS Decisions
IS Decisions
IS Decisions solution's features
Know WinReporter Comprehensive hardware, software and system audit for Windows resources.
Report permissions applied to files, folders and shares
Control UserLock User connectivity archiving
FileAudit File and folder access archiving
Surveillance Control UserLock Identification of users connected to the environment
Session duration per user
FileAudit Identification of users accessing files or folders
Identification of the type of access required by a user
Reporting Know WinReporter Search and report configuration modifications
Control UserLock Search, report and archive user connectivity
FileAudit Search and report file and folder accesses

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