Quickly approve 2FA push notifications with the UserLock Push App

 UserLock 2FA Push Notifications

We’re excited to announce the public beta release of UserLock 2FA push notifications with the UserLock Push app, making MFA frictionless for your team.

MFA is a must for security, but it can’t get in the way of your team’s productivity. As more organizations apply MFA across all users, IT teams need the flexibility to choose among multiple MFA methods that are easy for the average user to use.

That’s where push notifications come in.

Why push notifications?

Push notifications make the MFA experience quick and easy for end users: just tap to approve a 2FA notification on your smartphone.

So, if you’ve been looking to implement MFA across your whole team, push notifications can be a great way to get the security that MFA offers with minimal hassle.

How UserLock’s 2FA push notifications work

We followed a few simple principles to develop push notifications. The UserLock Push app needed to:

  • Install and set up in minutes for both admins and end users.
  • Sync securely with UserLock
  • Offer one-tap push
  • Work for any user, on both iPhone and Android

So, we built out the application and set up push notifications in UserLock with each of these themes in mind.

In just a few steps, UserLock push secures access as a second factor of authentication for Active Directory identities.

Admins can enable UserLock Push as an authorized MFA method, then activate MFA on the user accounts needed.

Users can quickly install the app, then simply scan the QR code displayed at login.

How do I get it?

Get early access to push notifications for UserLock when you download the UserLock 12 beta release.

Push notifications are a subscription-only feature.

To learn more:

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Chris Bunn is the Directeur Général Adjoint of IS Decisions, a global cybersecurity software company, specializing in access management and multi-factor authentication for Microsoft Active Directory environments and the cloud.

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