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Major UK police force mitigates careless user behavior thanks to UserLock

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Restricting Simultaneous Active Directory User Logins

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Turkish Aerospace Industries deploys UserLock to manage user access across its vast and complex network

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Managing secure network access for high turnover temporary staff at Workforce Solutions

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New York’s Albany City School District deploys UserLock to manage network access across its schools

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Reduce the risk of security breaches that stem from unauthorized network and file access

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Concurrent Session Control in Healthcare for CMS Compliance

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Call Center: Securing access to cardholder data for PCI Compliance

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How to stop students logging into multiple PCs and sharing logins (University of Kent)

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Oklahoma City Public Schools eliminate concurrent logins and cut IT usage tracking and recovery time by 70% with UserLock

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A leading global Banking group controls network access and eliminates risk with UserLock

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UserLock empowers Pernambuco State Traffic Department to better protect sensitive information for over 2000 employees

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Bank of Cyprus reduces security risks from internal users with UserLock

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Camden City School District eliminate concurrent logins and tracks inappropriate student usage with UserLock

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Guangdong Province Qingyuan Prison chooses UserLock for access management across its network



New. TechGenix UserLock review
"The product is simple to install, easy to configure and offers a level of protection that all businesses should be implementing."

Read the Help Net Security

UserLock - Help Net Security "UserLock is a powerful product that focuses on preventing the internal and external threats related to compromised credentials."

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Ovum "On the Radar" UserLock Report. Learn how UserLock provides businesses with facilities that stregthen network logon security


The wealth of Personal Information accessed in Anthem Network Breach
Anthem, the second largest health insurer in the United States, are the latest high profile victim of a major data security breach.

Mitigating credentials-based-attacks from social engineering
Why deploying UserLock on a Windows Network offers further protection against the threat of compromised passwords and a credentials-based-attack.

Strengthen your network password security and stop blaming the users
Technology solutions like UserLock strengthen Windows network password security to secure all users access and mitigate the insider threat.

Protecting Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync on Exchange with UserLock
By protecting Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync on Exchange, UserLock helps companies secure employees access to company email from outside the office.

BYOD Security for Windows Networks
The release of UserLock 7 includes a new Wi-Fi and VPN session control feature that permits an organization to enhance BYOD security.

LimitLogin vs UserLock
A comparison of how Microsoft® LimitLogin and UserLock® limit concurrent user logins and further help secure user access in an Active Directory domain.

Auditing Logon Events. Why stop there?
Auditing logon events on their own is not enough for an organization who is serious about protecting their Windows network and all of the data contained within.

Powershell commands for Active Directory security
With the release of UserLock 7 comes PowerShell commands for Active Directory Security. Yes, it is now possible to manage/administer UserLock with PowerShell cmdlets!

Eight holes in Windows Logon controls and how UserLock can overcome them
Windows has more security features than any other operating system but is strangely lacking the fundamental and classic login session controls found in other environment like mainframe and midrange systems, UNIX and Netware.

PCI DSS Compliance with IS Decisions security software
By providing visibility and control of corporate access and data, IS Decisions software solutions help companies ensure PCI DSS compliance.

HIPAA & Network Security for Windows Active Directory
IS Decisions helps organizations meet HIPAA network security compliance with software solutions around network and file access in Windows Active Directory.

FISMA Compliance. What’s the deal?
An overview of FISMA compliance and how UserLock and FileAudit are recognized as efficient software solutions for 3 key NIST 800-53 control families.

How to reduce the risk of Insider Threat in Healthcare
A look at the risks to healthcare organizations of hackers accessing confidential patient data and how to mitigate any likely damage from insider threat.

Secure Network Access & Avoid Security Breaches from your Employees
How automated safeguards and real-time visibility can stop unauthorized network access, restrict bad user behavior and underpin security awareness training.

Insider Threat Protection. People, Process and Technology
When protecting against Insider Threats, how can people, process and technology be best set up to mitigate the risk from employee behavior.

Why Insider Data Breaches are a C suite concern
Mitigation against Insider Threats must become an executive and board-level concern to help organizations avoid becoming the next big Insider Threat story.

An Insider Threat Program. From paranoia to protection
The need for organizations to build an insider threat program. Expertise shared from CERT, HoMER, academia & industry on moving from paranoia to protection.

How IT Teams can prevent Insider Threats from both malicious and careless activity
With significant security threats coming from the extended enterprise, UserLock helps prevent insider threats, intentional or not, by securing user access.

How UserLock can help organizations implement CERT best practices
UserLock is a unique technology solution that helps organizations implement several CERT best practices to mitigate network security insider threat.

An Insider Threat Program to help tackle Internal Security Breaches
Research shows 96% of organizations either have an insider threat program in place or intend to implement one. 2015 is set to be a huge year for tackling insider threat.

A Third of Ex-Employees accessing company data
How ex-employees at US and UK organizations are being left with open access to confidential data long after departing. A report from IS Decisions.

Research shows employees see no security risk in sharing passwords
Our latest Insider Threat research highlights that a majority of employees (52%) in the US and UK see no security risk in sharing passwords and logins.

Healthcare suffers double the average amount of internal security breaches
Independent research finds hospitals, care providers and medical insurers experience twice as many internal security breaches in comparison to other sectors.

Nearly 90% of IT Professionals believe the insider threat is cultural not a tech issue
Nearly 90% of IT professionals believe the insider threat is cultural not a tech issue. Only 1 in 10 are aware of technology solutions to manage and reduce the threat from within.

Over 2,560 Internal Security Breaches occurred in US Business every day
The report ‘The Insider Threat Security Manifesto: Beating the threat from within’, highlights the issue of internal security and how to mitigate the risks.

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Report and Audit on all Windows Active Directory Access Sessions

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Managing User Access Policies with UserLock

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Ensuring Access Security with the UserLock Backup Server

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Cleaning the Windows Session Logon Events History

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Advanced Agent Deployment of UserLock

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