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Access security and concurrent login control for networks.Download UserLock

UserLock Features

Control User Access

control-user-accessWith UserLock, IT can set and enforce a controlled user access policy that will automatically permit or deny user logins. Based on multiple criteria that support an organization’s policies UserLock can control user access to protect a Windows Active Directory network and all of the data contained within. Learn more.

Access Restrictions for PC, Laptop or Tablet

access-restrictionEach User Login restriction takes into consideration the session type. With BYOD Security a concern for many organizations, UserLock’s Wi-Fi and VPN session control capability permits an organization to control their wireless networks and secure BYOD environments. Learn more.

Limit Concurrent Logins

limit-concurrent-loginsThe ability to prevent or limit concurrent or multiple logins, averts one of the most potentially dangerous situations for a Windows Active Directory network. UserLock controls concurrent sessions and sets limitations in a granular way according to user, user groups, organizational units and session types. Learn more

Restrict & Enforce User Logon to Workstation or Device

restrict-user-logon-workstationControl from where a protected account may logon. Restrict domain users to workstation or device, IP range, department, floor or building. Go beyond native Windows controls and restrict by user, user group or organizational unit. Learn more

Restrict & Enforce User Logon Time

restrict-user-logon-hoursControl the hours and days when protected users can logon onto the network. Define working hours and/or maximum session time. Go beyond native Windows controls and restrict user logon hours by group and force logoff when time restrictions expire. Learn more

User Access Monitoring

user-access-monitoringUserLock continuously monitors all login and session events, automatically blocking all inappropriate or suspicious sessions. This real-time monitoring of user activity lets you know the number of concurrent logins, who is connected from which workstation/device and since when. Learn more

Alerts & Responding to suspicious Logon Events

logon-security-eventsReceive alerts and instantly take appropriate security measures to alleviate IT security threats coming from suspicious or disruptive logon events. UserLock empowers IT teams with this response capability. Learn more

Audit Logon Events & Reporting

report-logon-eventsReport and Audit on all Windows and Active Directory access events. UserLock centralizes and archives all access events occurring on your Windows systems offering detailed insights to support IT Forensics. Learn more
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