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Access Security & Login Control for Windows Networks

UserLock helps organizations secure user access to the network to reduce the risk of security breaches from insider threats, offer an immediate response to suspicious user behavior and get compliant with major regulations concerning access control and management.

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UserLock Main Features

UserLock provides the necessary access control, restrictions and real-time monitoring that cannot be achieved in native functionality and are needed to protect access to a Windows Active Directory environment and all of the data contained within.

Access Control & Restrictions

Set and enforce granular access rules to restrict and control user logins. Based on multiple criteria, offer access protection for your Windows network.

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Limit Concurrent Logins

Prevent or limit concurrent or multiple logins, to avert one of the most potentially dangerous situations for a Windows Active Directory network.

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Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts

Monitor all login and session events in real-time, receive alerts and instantly take appropriate security measures to alleviate IT security threats.

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Auditing & Reporting

Track and report on all Windows and Active Directory sessions. UserLock centralizes and archives all access events to support accurate and detailed IT Forensics.

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What does UserLock look like?

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I worked on a design for UserLock admost two years ago and found this product extremely easy to deploy and operate. The console is simple, the control over a users ability to log on is granular, but the best feature for me is that it is non-invasive - no schema extensions information left behind to worry about, this means it is also a solution you can use temporarily if permanent use is not a requirement. The guys at ISDecisions were very helpful, great product.

Matt Hitchcock

Active Directory Technical Lead at Barclays

We have been using UserLock for several years now and we have been very pleased with the performance. This is one of those "set it, and forget it" types of resources, as it does not require much intervention to perform, the data is clear, concise, and reliable. Deployment is easy, and provides the ability for a secondary fail-over server, making this product even more reliable in the event of network/server issues. I would definitely recommend this product.

Jimmy Powell

Network Consultant at City of Royse City, Texas

We use this product to be able to make sure there can only the AD user logged into a specific account at a time. Very easy to install and works without any problems. The support always reponds fast and I would recommend IS Decisions for anyone!

Carl Schöldborg

IT Technician at Travellink

Incredibly easy piece of low resource software to get up and running. The insight, control, visibility, and reporting it provides are fantastic.

Jeff Hengesbach

Systems Administrator at Asahi Kasei Plastics, North America

My team and I manage over 320 open-access PC's spread across multiple locations. An on-going problem for us has been the ability to restrict concurrent logon's to these PC's. UserLock has allowed us to do just that. The installation/deployment of the software is incredibly simple and there appears to be no overhead on the clients during logon. The UserLock support team have been incredible helpful in allow us to further develop our integration with the software through the UserLock API.

Paul Sinnock

IT and Technical Services Manager at University of Kent

Reduce the risk of security breaches from insider threats

Through effective network access management and monitoring, UserLock reduces the risk of security breaches to an organization's data and realizes time (and cost) savings when it comes to tracking, auditing and reacting to suspicious access events.

Enforce Security Rules that control network and data access

Unauthorized access to information can have serious consequences for organizations. UserLock offers fine-grained access control combined with proper computer account management to ensure the security of network access and the protection of its data.

Monitor & react immediately to suspicious or disruptive access events

UserLock offers an immediate and remote response to suspicious, disruptive or unusual logon connections to reduce the risk of insider activity. An integral part of any organizations security policy and risk mitigation strategy.

Stop attacks from legitimate stolen credentials (password theft)

UserLock ensures unauthorized access is no longer a possibility – even when credentials are compromised. It stops malicious users seamlessly using valid credentials.

Alleviate the threat of shared passwords within an organization

Limiting or preventing concurrent logins with UserLock significantly decreases the likelihood of users sharing passwords as it impacts their own ability to access the network. It provides the motivation to adhere to password security policy and help protect the organization’s critical assets.

Control Wi-Fi sessions for secure BYOD environments

UserLock secures network access across all session types, including Wi-Fi and VPN, and permits an organization to control their wireless networks and secure bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.

Significantly reduce the time & cost spent on monitoring and auditing employee access

By centralizing and archiving all access events across the whole Windows Network, UserLock offers comprehensive reports and detailed insights on who was connected, from which system, since what time, for how long etc.

Perform accurate auditing & IT forensics in the event of an IT security breach

UserLock records and reports on every session access event, enabling IT security teams to perform accurate and detailed IT forensics to support internal analysis and legal investigations.

Raise User Security Awareness

UserLock supports IT’s effort to communicate consistent and clear security policies and controls through its notification system. This can include warning users about any access denials on their account.

Enforce Compliance with major regulations

UserLock provides specific features to identify, search, report and archive user access for compliance with major industry regulations, including HIPAA, NIST 800-53, Sarbanes-Oxley, NISPOM Chapter 8, PCI, Bâle II, ICD 503…

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Some UserLock Customer References

Barclays FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) American Express Bank of America US Army Xerox Dell BAE Systems BMW United Nations Bridgestone SwissLife University of Oxford University of Cambridge Time Warner Cable Luxottica